Scott Schmaren Nov 23, 2016

Enable yourself. Isn’t it time you started living the epic life you are supposed to live?

What’s holding you back? One of the biggest things you can learn about yourself is the levels of the mind. Specifically, the differences between the Subconscious and the Conscious Mind. Learn what they are and how you understand them on a deeper level.

When you can truly visualize the contrasts between the two that’s when you start being able to control them.

The Conscious mind is the thing that you are aware of. For instance, when you’re a child you are taught how to tie your shoes. You can do every step, loop, and tie because your brain is conscious of the steps that you’ve learned towards that task. That first time and next few following times you are conscious of every action.

The Subconscious mind is everything after the conscious tasks. Your heart beating, your breathing, and walking. Eventually, even tying your shoes becomes a subconscious task. You no longer have to think through each step, you just do it.

Subconscious actions are things that your body had been doing repeatedly to the point that it doesn’t have to even waste a thought on it.

So, what does this have to do with Success? Success isn’t the conscious action that many people think it is. It only starts as a conscious action. You need to make it become a subconscious action. The things habits you create now become the reality of your future.

“Champions never stop until they get it right”

You can’t become a champion unless you visualize success. Write down everything you want to make happen until it does. It won’t happen if you don’t take the steps to achieve.

If your weight is an issue or you want a promotion you must take the steps to create the result you want. Once you start your conscious mind on a task, be aware of your actions then make those actions a part of who you are.

What's your commitment to keeping your body, mind, and spirit Healthy, Strong and Productive? Learn it, train it and make it into your success! What’s stopping you from visualizing your success?