Scott Schmaren Nov 25, 2016

Think that you're wasting your time trying to get healthy or bettering your life? Either you started, haven’t yet started, or already gave up before starting. There is a certain funk that we often feel when we try to break the mold and ask for change.

Associate your daily tasks with things that you love to do. What do you like to do on your down time? Think about how that hobby makes you feel. We all have something that makes use happy, something that we do well. And everybody does something well. I have yet to meet anybody who doesn’t.

Find the resources to let you feel good about what you're doing. To do something well you should be relaxed and confident while you are doing it. Those skills go hand in hand with each other.

“Every Morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them”

When you're faced with a difficult or unattractive task, instead of focusing on the negative, think about playing a game. Think about how you feel when enjoying your hobby.

When you are exercising or working on getting a promotion at work, think about the amount of attention to detail or concentration you need to do your task. If you can focus on a hobby for hours on end why not lend a tenth of that focus on something else that you want. If you can do that, then you can do anything.

Don’t let the naysayers of your mind be the reason you're unhappy:

The moment you have an excuse for not doing something it dictates every action you make.

Be careful of what you say to yourself when you're stressed. If you say it enough times it will become yours reality. By making connections to things that you like you may find yourself avoiding that funk in the first place.

My question is If you don’t start something, how will you ever succeed?  Give yourself the room to succeed. Give yourself the permission to enjoy the difficult things. Make every task as enjoyable as the next.