Scott Schmaren Dec 02, 2016

Do you want to live a happy life? Are you happy with the choices that you’re making? What are the obstacles that are preventing you from making good choices? Have you thought about changing your way of thinking? Often the biggest thing holding you back is your perspective.

Many people come to hypnotherapists for help with weight loss, or for stress relief, but we can provide so much more. Most of the time, obstacles or issues are created by your own mind. To truly gain the full effect is to gain self-confidence and trust in your decisions. Your biggest obstacle is your own willingness to grow and learn. If you are not willing to follow through with a golf swing, how would you ever get that hole in one?

Do what you want, enjoy life, build the business and culture you've always dreamed of; just do it. There may be obstacles placed in front of you, but one take away from spending your time with a hypnotherapist is distinguishing which obstacles you place in front of yourself and how you can create mental habits that help you overcome those obstacles.

There are three simple things that you can do today to start working toward a happy life:

  • Look for happiness is simple things and then write about it.
    • Think about waking up in the morning, find happiness that the sun is shining or that you have a house around you or that you are alive. Write it down, when you do this you train your mind to change your way of thinking. You make a choice to see things in a different light.
  • Help someone out
    • Either it’s someone you know or don’t know. Do something for someone else just because doing something nice makes you feel good. Compliment a stranger, hold a door open for someone, or help a friend in need.
  • Be nice to yourself
    • Think about the last time that you were nice to yourself; most people don’t. Don’t strive to be perfect. You’re a human being you’re never going to be perfect, realize this and accept yourself for who you are and just be nice to yourself. Look over things that people have thanked you for and accept that people value you, so value yourself

“Trust yourself to make the right choices for you” – CL Moore

Those are three simple things you can do today that will lead to a happy life. If you look at my Facebook post, you can see that I do this every day because it allows me to live my life without dwelling on the negativity. Your perspective is one of the most important things that you can keep you from having regrets.