Consistency Is The Ultimate Key To Weight Loss
Scott Schmaren Feb 09, 2017

You say you want to start eating healthy and you plan on joining a gym... Great! Those are the kinds of steps that are going to lead to you getting in the best shape of your life. However, if you are trying to drop the pounds, then there is one key -- well, the ultimate key, really -- that you need to incorporate.

One word: Consistency.

People have great intentions when they say they are going to lose weight and become the healthiest version of themselves; however, they expect results overnight. Whether you are trying to lose fat, gain muscle, a bit of both or whatever it might be, it's going to take some time. Nothing worth doing happens overnight.

Being consistent with your diet (scratch that, lifestyle is a much better word) and workout plan is the best thing you can do on your weight loss journey.

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Unfortunately, so many people come up with these extreme plans, such as cutting bread, rice and pasta out of their lives immediately, or going to the gym for two hours every day, which leads to burnout. These drastic changes will lead to someone making a change for a couple of days ... and then reverting to old habits after said couple days. If you really want to cut bread, rice and pasta out of your life, then you need to make sure you are replacing those carbs with other sources of energy.

Here's another thing: If you are trying to lose a ton of weight, then you are better off going to the gym for 30 minutes to an hour a day rather than diving right in and trying to do cardio for two hours straight. That will simply lead to burnout. You can increase the amount of time you spend at the gym over time.

Consistency is the key, but you also have to build habits over time, not overnight.

Therefore, you need to make a plan that you can stick to, one that is manageable. Sure, these crash diets that call for a ton of work in the gym and very low calories in the kitchen sound great, but they are not maintainable in the long run ... which is why they are called crash diets.

"Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come." -- Dwayne Johnson

Losing weight and keeping it off is not a sprint, it should be looked at as a marathon.

The key to losing weight is being consistent with your meal and workout plans. Now, what you add to those plans is a different story for a different day. Yes, it's okay to really hit the ground running when you are first starting out, but make sure you aren't doing too much so you don't burn out too quickly.

Create a healthy lifestyle and be consistent -- that's the ultimate key to weight loss.

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